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Frequently Asked Questions :

  • 1. Who runs Task Impex India and Imperial home collection? My name is Mohd Iqbal Hasan, I am founder of Task impex India and Contractor All wooden interiors / metals.

  • 2. Why was Task impex India & imperial Home collection started? Almost all my relatives (My father's, Brother's, mama, in laws, cousins) are professionally in to Construction Industry. My dad (passed away in 1985) was a Contractor and Civil draught man MDA too. I have access to network of 100s of people who are Contractors, Interior Designers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Carpenters and others. Starting this website was to provide a platform for them.

  • 3. Why should I use TaskImpexindia.com and imperialhomecollection ?Use it for ideas & suggestions. We can let you talk to Home Renovation experts for free advice. And only if you wish for, we will refer you a Contractor or person who fits the role. What else are you working on? I am on mission to change the way Indian Home Owners renovate their homes. If you are someone who wants complete plan & control of your renovation – even before – you talk to single Contractor – then we can make it possible. check our service details here So you guys are like facebook / JustDials / Linkedin/ exporterIndia.com / indiamart / tradeindia.com or quikrs or sulekhas of the world?

  • 4. No! These are big Giants and they deal in everything from .................. And each one of them do excellent job.

  • 5. Whereas – at taskimpexindia.com/taskimoexindia.co.in/imperialhomecollection.com, when you call, you talk to me . I understand your need. I connect you with some expert for advice.

  • 6. Contractors & Interior decorative items and interiors all wooden Design Experts, I refer are so good that I would personally hire him/her for my own Home renovation. What level of service is available & in what cities?

  • 7. Our skilled Contractors & professionals are ready to help you in your project. You can hire our Contractors in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Delhi. For other cities, do call us, if might connect you with a good.